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Mid-Week Musings - Clositherapi Vintage

Mid-Week Musings

The weather is never accurate... It was supposed to rain all week and yet the light still finds a way to creep into my window and sprawl across th...
Shop our Instagram! - Clositherapi Vintage

Shop our Instagram!

So super happy to announce that our closiTherapi_vinTage Instagram feed is now shop-able!   See a product you like, simply click on the Insta pic...
And so it begins... Festival season - Clositherapi Vintage

And so it begins... Festival season

What better way to begin festival season,  than to be inspired by those that have  made impressions in the past...   vis...
Temptress + Fashion Icon | Sophia Loren - Clositherapi Vintage

Temptress + Fashion Icon | Sophia Loren

Confidence Sexiness Friendliness Glamorous Elegance Gracefulness Poise Classiness
Surrounded By Inspiration - Clositherapi Vintage

Surrounded By Inspiration

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to open our senses and welcome new dreams... Here our a few of our own!

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