About Us

Clositherapi Vintage is an homage to the extraordinary women in my life who have always taught me to unapologetically express my true self. Fascinated by each of them, as they embraced their authenticity, fearlessness and creativity throughout my formative years has catapulted me to be just as fierce and to pursue my own passions in life. 

From the tender age of childhood, my love affair with vintage clothing began, nurtured by the cherished moments spent alongside my creative grandmother, Adeline and my fashionista of a mother, Helen in our local thrift stores, flea markets and pawn shops. Together, we embarked on countless treasure hunts, exploring racks of time-worn garments and unearthing hidden gems with stories to tell. These were our THERAPI sessions and those early memories of sifting through racks of fabric and textile history left an indelible mark on my soul and an overflowing amount of incredible pieces in my closet! T

Today, as an avid collector of all things pre-loved, I continue to celebrate the beauty of bygone eras and the nostalgia they provoke. Driven by these experiences, the ardor for finding that perfect vintage piece and the desire to spread its enchantment beyond my personal collection, I embarked on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey. It was then that I founded Clositherapi Vintage, a platform dedicated to sharing the timeless allure of vintage clothing with kindred spirits and fashion enthusiasts alike. Through meticulously curated selections, I aspire to offer my clients genuine, one-of-a-kind and coveted pieces to cherish forever.

Have a look around my shop and feel free to reach out if you need me as I am always around to help!

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Kat xX