About Us

Our Story:::

Perhaps it was fate that evening which brought us to the same place at the same time…or maybe it was the randomness of the raindrops… Meeting each other was nothing less than divine intervention. Talking for hours about our journeys and travels until it came time to part ways… We had so much in common, yet would not see each other again…
Years passed and it happened… fate intervened once more… In the moment we crossed paths at an outdoor cafe… we shared coffee and good conversation. This time we knew it was meant to be and have been smiling together ever since…

The Story Behind closiTherapi:::

ClosiTherapi is the lovechild of Kathleen and Daniel {owners}…
Over the years I have collected closets and closets, overflowing with vintage and designer clothing… Enlightened by the realization that it would be a fulfilling means of therapy if I could share my finds with others who would enjoy them…

My name is Kathleen and I am the primary buyer for the company, as well as the photographer…
With over 15+ years experience as a top, Ebay powerseller added to my credentials, I also have an extensive background in color and design, both interior and fashion…I have worked in the private sales industry for many years, which has included wholesale, retail, antiques and consignment… I am educated in the fine arts as well as psychology and have obtained my bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy.

Daniel was fascinated by my collection and “wisdom”, so he says… After each visit to my closet, he became more and more involved in the idea of closiTherapi. Daniel is highly skilled in organization and marketing with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, he minored in public relations and is the brains of the business… Having worked in the corporate world for many years, he is experienced in customer service and quality control… He is also one of our models, since he is pretty nice to look at too.

To keep a long story short and simple, he passed my shopping test and together we have made our dream into a reality. Not many people can say that they get to work with the person they love… We are truly blessed to work alongside of each other… We inspire, motivate, teach and understand one another… We make each other stronger, more capable to succeed, more able to win, more passionate to deliver, more willing to learn, and more daring to try.

closiTherapi | vinTage offers a well curated selection of the most cherished vintage clothing + coveted modern pieces for men + women.

Enjoy shopping at closiTherapi | vinTage… Kathleen and Daniel

Condition Chart

BRAND NEW: Unworn with or without original tags depending on supplier.

MINT: Perfect, pristine, with no signs of wear… Rare.

EXCELLENT: No flaws, no holes, no problems. As close to new as possible for the age of the piece.

VERY GOOD: Noted minor flaws, easily repairable, wearable as purchased.

GOOD: Has some definite visual problems. Structure is intact. Problems could be repaired.

FAIR: Has numerous structural and or visual problems. For study or display only.Sold as-is.

POOR: Damaged beyond repair with value as a study piece, not wearable.